The most iconic commercial in television history? I think YES.

omfg beyonce just did the “chick” part of the “boom boom chick” by MAKING THE CHAINMAIL ON HER ASS MOVE LIKE A PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT 

Britney’s strangled cat runs in the midst of Pink and Bey killing it will always be my favorite.

omfg That’s Enrique Iglesias as the king, wonderful!

U guiz… it’s emperor. Roman emperor.

fun facts guys gladiatorial combat included corporate sponsorship, dramatic music, and even female combatants at times, so like 90% of this is plausible

the costumes are even p realistic considering gladiators would fight with loinclothes and minimal armor. you can even see beyonce armed w the trappings of the reitarius or ‘net-fighter’. That’s good commercialing.

roman nerd u give me life

This is… this is everything I ever wanted


I don’t have an obligation to be healthy, actually, and I don’t have an obligation to rush to assure you that I’m a ‘good fatty’ with great cholesterol and good scores on other health indicators allegedly related to weight. I don’t have an obligation to tell you that fat isn’t correlated with health because I shouldn’t have to justify the existence of fat people by informing you that you don’t understand how fat bodies work, and you’re not familiar with the latest studies on fatness, morbidity and mortality, health indicators, and social trends.

Because fat people have a right to exist, healthy or unhealthy, and this whole argument about health is a red herring. It suggests that if only fat people could prove that fat and health aren’t coupled, they’d be okay. Society is just concerned for us—worried that we’ll be felled too soon, taking our glorious minds into the ground with us to rot, all because we were fat and we refused to take personal responsibility for our fatness.

Here’s the thing, though: fat people have a right to exist, no matter what their health status is, and their health status is both not your business and not evidence to be used when determining whether they should be found wanting. Fatness is just a characteristic, one with which many people have a complex relationship because it’s socially loaded. Your judgement about fat has not been requested, nor is it required.